Hoops4Kids in Niamey

H4K Clinic @ Bluezone, Niamey

Our Story

     Hoops4Kids, Inc. was founded in 1997 (it was originally known as Niamey Hoops).  Hoops4Kids, Inc. seeks to promote youth’s cultural, physical, educational, and social development. Hoops4Kids, Inc. organizes basketball training workshops, health development projects, recreational and cultural activities. Hoops4Kids, Inc. has primarily operated in Niger, but we have also run programs in Benin, Mexico and the United States. Using a day camp framework, young boys and girls are taught the importance of multicultural exchange, athletic skills development, health education, and physical training. Program partners include local, national and international government agencies, and individual citizens.    

     Designed as the premier coeducational sports camp in Africa, this unique program affords youth aged 6 - 17 the opportunity to develop athletic skills, meet diverse youth from other ethnic groups, learn how to take care of their health, expand their cultural horizons, and enjoy physical training.  Hoops4Kids, Inc. runs the summer camps with the collaboration of the Ministry of Sports and Culture, the Basketball Federation of Niger, the United States embassy of Niger and other International youth organizations.    

     Hoops4Kids, Inc. works side by side with Nigerien Nationals from the the Nigerien Basketball Federation, the Basketball League of Niamey and many Youth Basketball Leagues. During couple of our events, we invited health professionals to teach children basic health education. Health workshops include: nutrition, basic sanitary practices for prevention of disease, effects of drugs and alcohol, self esteem, malaria etc.  There are also  developmentally appropriate workshops on AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. Children are provided with bottled water, one snack and a lunch.  Under no circumstances children ever charged a fee to attend.  Hoops4Kids, Inc. has also run a program called “Playing for a Win-Win” in local elementary schools.  “Playing for a Win-Win” teaches conflict resolution through literacy activities and cooperative games.  

   There have been requests from schools to bring “Playing for a Win-Win” to the schools, but funding levels have not met the demands for the program.

For the last five years, Hoops4Kids has been organizing youth basketball events (basketball leagues and 3v3) in the city of Clifton Park, New York. These basketball events in Clifton Park are helping not only the children of Clifton Park to learn about the country of Niger but also helping to bring the basketball event to the children of Niger. 


Our Mission


Hoops4Kids is a 501 (c) 3 non profit organization that seeks to educate and to provide young boys and girls of Africa and America health education, athletic skills development, physical training, conflict resolution skills, multicultural exchange and life skills through the medium of its basketball programs.​


Oussou Salifou Hoops4Kids Representative in Niger

his involvement with Hoops4kids

Oussou has been with the Hoops4Kids organization since 2004. Since then, he ran several youth basketball events in different parts of Niger (Niamey, Dosso and Tillabery) He also helped built a relationship with the Nigerien Basketball Federation & basketball leagues across Niger. Most importantly, he built a great relation with youth basketball centers across the country. 

Who is Oussou Salifou?

Started playing basketball in 1986 in Niamey. He played for 4 different teams in Niger. He played for Ahmadu Bello University in Nigeria for 3 years. He played on the Nigerien national team for 10 years '97-'07. He studied International Affairs at ABU, Nigeria. He then studied Communication in Niger. Currently, he works as an statistician for a private company in Niamey. Hoops4Kids can't THANK YOU enough for everything.