Hoops4Kids @ 20

Our Events in Niger and USA

Spring basketball league @ the common, clifton park new york

Every Spring from May-June, more than 60 children grades 2nd-7th attend this event.


From June - July, Hoops4Kids, offers a unique event in a pick up basketball games style. Kids 4th-10th attend this event

Fall basketball league at the Edge, haflmoon, NEW YORK.

During the month of September, Hoops4Kids organizes his fall event. This event helps kids getting ready for the upcoming high school and travel basketball.

hoops4kids annual 3v3 event

Our annual Hoops4Kids 3v3 is becoming very popular in our area. This event is for grades 5-10. This is also the Hoops4Kids annual fundraising event.

hoops4kids summer basketball event in niger

Every summer, Hoops4Kids organizes a free basketball camp in Niger for boys and girls ages 10-16.

fall event in niger

Under the leadership of our representative Oussou Salifou, Hoops4Kids teams up with local youth organizations for a free basketball camp in the fall.