Hoops4Kids Campers From Niger @ the Koubek Camp NY


Koubek Basketball Camp, Brant Lake, NY



Ever since nursery school, Adam Gouro has been the tallest kid in his class.   Now at age 15, Adam is 1m.96cm (6’5’’).    Whenever there is a tournament, we are asked to show proof that Adam is playing in the correct age bracket.

The youngest (by five min; he is a twin) of six children, Adam began learning and playing basketball when he was 12.   In June 2011 he was the center on the national minimes (14 and under) team that participated in a tournament in France.  Adam was also selected as a member of the 2012 minimes team to play in a tournament in Bénin but ultimately (due to financial constraints) Niger did not participate in that tournament.

When Adam is not in school, studying, or playing basketball, he loves to read.   His favorite genre is science fiction.   He is a devoted soccer fan but basketball is his only participatory sport.

He eventually would like to get an MBA and become a businessman.

His current coach, Kader Mahamadou (an international referee), when asked to describe Adam, said, ‘Adam is serious; he has a great work ethic; he loves basketball and has a great future ahead of him.’

Adam came back to the US IN 2017 to play high school basketball. After a successful high school and AAU season, Adam received a full scholarship to play basketball for Murray State College Aggies Men's Basketball.



Mariama Amadou Ibrahim (called ‘Mari’ by her friends) was first introduced to basketball when she was 12 years old   She was already practicing Tai Kwan Do and playing soccer when her school introduced the students to a basketball coach and encouraged those interested to learn basketball.   Mariama signed up and never looked back.   Having always been the tallest in her class 1m 90cm (6’2”) she has played center on every team she has been on.

This year, 2013, for the first time, Mariama was selected, at age 18, as a member of Niger’s national women’s team.   She is the youngest member of the team.   The team recently travelled to Bénin and Togo where they won every game they played.

Mariama grew up in Village SOS, a center for kids who were either orphaned or whose parents were unable to care for them.   In Mariama’s case it was the latter.   Now Mariama lives with her paternal uncle but continues to be involved with the children who live in Village SOS.   When SOS puts on plays or skits, Mariama loves to perform comedy sketches.

Mariama is studying accounting at a professional school in Niamey.  When not playing basketball, attending class or studying, Mariama enjoys cycling.   

Mariama’s coach, Lucien Evé, coach of the national women’s team, described Mariama as ‘disciplined, improving everyday, serious, and enthusiastic about basketball.’

More Success Stories


Ada: Albany Legend

He played for the Albany Legend from 2011-2013. He participated in many H4K fundraising events in the US. He also worked in many events in Niger and the US as a coach.


Abdel Aziz ganda, MASSBAY community college - H4K '93, '97, '98


Adam Gouro: Murray State College, College - Tishomingo, Oklahoma

He attended the Hoops4Kids camp in Niamey in 2012 as a camper. Then, in 2017 as a coach.

More success stories


Mourtala Serge Hoops4Kids 2012

Mourtala was a camper in 2012. At 6'9", 227 lbs. he currently plays 

in Pro B in France


Moumouni H4K '93, '94

Currently, resides in Atlanta GA.


Abdoulaye Harouna - Miami Men's Basketbal Guard- H4K '07

A 6'5" Guard, Abdoulaye attended the 2012 basketball camp in Niamey. He is a senior at Miami University

Samira Sangare (Keene S. C.) & TJ Sangare Shen High School

Samira Sangare, Keene state college

Samira's first experience with the Hoops4Kids program in Niger was 2002. Samira also participated in 3 more events in Niamey both as a camper and a coach.

TIEMOGO SANGARE (TJ). Sr. Shen Boys Basketball - St Michaels College

TJ attended two Hoops4Kids events in Niger as a camper. He also participated to many H4K events in the US as a coach.